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Russia finally mighty Junior. It should be in Euros

Lift the curse!
The youth team is totally unlucky. In the XXI century our team was selected for the Euro only once — in 2013. But the tournament is better not to remember: Spain (with de GEA and ISCO), the Netherlands (with Wijnaldum and Deaem) and Germany (with Emre Gian and Mustafi) had not given Russia any points. And it’s then we had a solid pitch, Cheryshev, Shatov, Dzagoev, Schennikov…

On the second Russian team like a curse. In Soviet times, our youth was considered one of the strongest in Europe — three times won the continental tournament (in 1976, 1980 and 1990), and in 1977 became the best on the planet. Now everything is quite the opposite: Russia has passed the qualifying stages 14 times, but reached the final only three times. And there is not succeed — lost all six matches at Euro youth.

To be even clearer was clear the scale of the disaster, let me emphasize: the national team of Belarus during the same period had three times to play at the Euros to win there three victories in total and even to win the bronze medal in 2011. We are fraternal country are still lagging.

Eugene Bushmanov.
“Do you regret that left Chalova in stock”. Yevgeni Bushmanov — the team, the talent Davydova and power Melkadze
Cause of failure
What prevented our youth in recent years? In the selection for Euro 2015 Russia got a play group — with Denmark and Slovenia among the main competitors. But we took second place and flew past the “joints”. Nikolai Pisarev was unlucky with the generation. Yes, Alexey Miranchuk played, but he scored exactly zero goals in eight matches. The most playing time in the qualifying tournament received Peter Ten, Ilya Zuev and Alexei Nikitin. Do you know where they are now? In “Armavir”, “Nizhny Novgorod” and reserve ” Ufa ” respectively. And the best scorers of the team were Konstantin Bazelyuk, Vladimir Obukhov and Denis Davydov — people with CSKA and “Spartacus” remember with tears.

Euro 2017 our youth also did not see. Qualifying the group got a little more complicated, but Russia managed to finish to give even Azerbaijan on additional indicators. Fifth out of six teams (though the Faroe Islands ahead) is acceptable words can not describe. And the reasons lie in the coach and the squad. In the summer of 2015 youth national team of Russia (U-19) sensationally reached the final of the European Championships and her coach Dmitry Homuha instantly increased. In the youth team he made a bid for their 19-year-old: Mitryushkina, Chernova, Barinova, Shadaeva, Guliyev, Khojaniyazova, Golovin. After the 0:3 from Azerbaijan RFU fired Homuha, but it was too late. Undoubtedly, the results were affected by the age difference.

Last summer, the youth also remained without the Euro, although fought with Serbia and Austria for first place. The guys at Eugene Bushmanov tried, even Melkadze scored (seven goals!), but in the end it turned out to be that coach. During the qualifying tournament, he left Chalova in stock when he was in great shape, did not notice Skopintseva, Barinova, Zamaletdinova, Maksimenko, Sobolev, Kuchaeva. But the players from Germany packs played basis.

Mikhail Galaktionov.
Mikhail Galaktionov — Clove, Sochi and the impact of the new limit for Junior
Fresh blood, high potential
Now Russia has a completely different team, and the coach is Mikhail Galaktionov, who failed with “Akhmat”, but at the youth and youth level he is one of the most authoritative specialists in the country. The clip is amazing. For in the gate fighting the main goalkeeper of the giants — Maksimenko and Safonov. In defense, the players with regular playing practice in RPL (Diveev, the Evgenev, Stories, Stepanov). In the middle line, too familiar names missing (Oblakov, Kuchaev, Lisova, Lomovitski, Musayev). Well, the crown was the top scorer last season Chalov, who is willing to insure the diamond “Krasnodar” Ignatieff.

The RFU understands the importance of the qualifying tournament. If earlier the head coach of the national team could call any player and not even think that he is more necessary to the youth, now everything is different. Galaktionov admitted that even before the announcement of the squad for the matches with Serbia and Bulgaria spoke all the nuances with Cherchesov. I quote Stanislav Salamovich: “If we have a player of the youth national team, which is not planned in the main team, then he should play for the youth team. Because it will do more good.”

Wise decision. All the more that group have Russia passable — Serbia, Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia and Estonia. The favourites are Serbs, their youth reached the Euro in the last three cases, and in 2015 won the world Cup. Of course, now the team is completely different, and the coach is new, but Russia will still have a difficult time. It is even good that on Friday we start with a home match against the Serbs — their team has not yet played, and the Russian players are more experienced.

We need to go to the Euro. We won’t have a better chance any time soon.

As Russia to reach the European championship

53 teams take part in the qualifying tournament, they are divided into nine groups (in eight six teams, in one — five). Matches are held in a circular system. For some teams, the tournament began in March and will end in November 2020.

16 teams will play in the final for the first time — in February this year, UEFA expanded the composition of the youth Euro. Hosts Hungary and Slovenia have already entered the tournament, they will be joined by nine group winners, as well as the best team from among the runners-up. The remaining eight second teams will play another four spots in the play-offs.

Russia finally mighty Junior. It should be in Euros
Lift the curse! The youth team is totally unlucky. In the XXI century our team was selected for the Euro only once — in 2013. But the tournament is better…


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