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Who needs Mamaev. Where will he play after his time?

17 September Pavel Mamaev can get out of the colony. The midfielder’s contract with Krasnodar is valid until December 2019, but there are almost no chances to stay at the club. The RFU dispute resolution Chamber is ready to consider the bulls ‘ application for early termination of the agreement as soon as the player leaves the IC.

But there are clubs in Russia that will be willing to sign Pavel as a free agent.

Ural: calls Ivanov

The club from Yekaterinburg almost from the first day began to say that in case of something ready to sign a contract with Mamayev. The idea comes from the top — from President Grigory Ivanov.

— They are talented players, but, as it turned out, do not know life-philosophically noted Ivanov in an interview with “SE”. “Alas, sometimes even older people, when they have a lot of money falling on them, can’t always manage it.

The terms of Gregory V. one: to Mamayev has taken considerable pay cut. But it is unlikely that this issue will be a priority for the midfielder. Dmitry Parfenov seems to be also not against seeing the player at home and is ready to give a chance. Mamaev just be able to compete will Bumala, Augustyniak or Baveno. Need a time to set form. Although in jail, apparently, he did not lose it, regularly conducting training.
Club: old memories

Mamaev became a star in CSKA, where he came in 2007 and stayed for 6 years. As part of the army, he played memorable matches with Manchester United, Roma, had a real and probably the only chance to go to Europe. The offer was made by the same “MU”, but did not have enough matches for the national team. Went, though Paul is not very nice. The player clearly lost motivation, stopped getting into the squad and was loaned to FC Krasnodar, where he eventually stayed.

Not in favor of the option with CSKA telling two stories: the club is very concerned about its image and hardly want to sign a controversial player; midfield already stocked. In the holding area is Oblakov, Akhmetov, in the center of Biel, Bistrovic, Sigurdsson, of vlašić. So more soon recover Dzagoev. On the level, they just will not concede Mamaev.

“Ahmad”: the place of error correction

Here the story is very similar to the Ural, but more global. Probably, “Akhmat” wants to position itself not only as the main club of the region, but also as a place where you can correct the mistakes of the past. Therefore, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov with such joy received the arrival of Denis Glushakov, and even earlier said that he would be glad to see Mamayev in the team.

— I consulted with the management of “Akhmat”, we are ready at any outcome of criminal case when players will appear on freedom even if it happens tomorrow or in a long time, to employ them in our team, – Kadyrov wrote in October of last year.

Hardly since then something has changed. However, the current “Akhmat” player in the center of the field is not very necessary. Even with a Russian passport. Is the same Glushakov, Shvets, Ivanov.
“Torpedo”: back to basics

Few people remember that Mamayev is not only a pupil of “torpedo”, but it is also a club that gave the player a way into big football. From 2004 to 2007, the young man was dusting in the team, which at that time played in the major leagues. And in 2006, at the age of 17, scored the first goal for torpedo, suffered ” Wings of the Soviets.”

In the “torpedo” Mamaev could easily come to life after prison and to gradually get in shape. The leading team in the national football League, its coaches familiar to Paul Sergei Ignashevich, and the team has a familiar veteran. For Example, Igor Lebedenko. Therefore, problems with adaptation should not arise. Hometown, family and club that solves the problem of access to the RPL. What else is needed?

However, in the “torpedo” did not comment on the possibility of signing a contract with the prisoner yet.

Zenit: to make it easier

Again “Zenith” probably, will conclude the contract with Kokorin, why would the club not be generous on Mamayev? Together to return to normal life and the game will definitely be easier. And it may not necessarily be about the inclusion of Mamayev applications for the games. But just letting him train and get in shape with his friends is a generous thought. Moreover, everyone praises the atmosphere that has developed in the championship team. And the headlights will be another target for jokes. And not just him.
“Krasnodar”: Galitsky suddenly forgive?

One can hardly expect a sharp adjustment of the view of the situation from the principled business. But if the Galician suddenly decide that Mamaev can still help “Krasnodar” it would be easier for everyone. I wouldn’t have to worry about a new contract, and the time to still prove myself and deserve an extension is enough.

In favor of this option injury severe injury leading midfielder Remy Cabella after which Vladimir Khashig made an official statement that the club will rely on young players. But after that it was announced the signing of the contract with 33-year-old Manuel Fernandes.

30-year-old Mamayev with the best form definitely would not be superfluous in the construction of the team. But the last word for Galitsky. And he had already said it.

Sochi: will not be superfluous

Super-aggressive policy of “Sochi” applies mainly to “Zenith”, but in midfield they basically come Burmistrov, Tsallagov and Noboa. There is no special alternative to these players, so Mamayev could really strengthen the team, which, although it has great ambitions, but is still in 14th place in the RPL. The scheme with three Central midfielder this is even easier.

None of the leadership has not yet expressed thoughts about the invitation Kokorin. But they still have a couple of weeks.

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