Mário Fernandes has eaten the winner of the Champions League from Liverpool. Catch proof
Style of play Both Robertson and Mario Fernandez are attacking defenders. In clubs and national teams they are constantly on the move, often with the ball in someone else's penalty…

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Play football together with infootball.me
Functionality that is available to teams: Search rivals Teams can create ads to find opponents or find and challenge teams themselves. Notifications Mailing about events via Email and SMS. Create…

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Without football, their freedom is a prison. Kokorin and Mamaev, rather on the field!

The release of Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev, in my opinion, is one of the best football news of recent times. I say “football” on purpose because the prison Saga is finally over. Ahead of them lies what they know best.

Enough to March and to repent. Stop studying the criminal code and writing appeals. Enough stomp box, IK-4 in Alekseyevka. It’s time to go home to the families. It’s time to go back to football.

It is folly, the greatest anti-legal and anti-human folly, to call for their removal from the game. Add ethical punishment to legal punishment. To do something, that could make jail — to finish it completely and professionally. Without football, their freedom is a prison.
Kokorin and Mamaev received in full. In the opinion of many in the football world, much more than they deserved.

Condemnation and censure of the whole country, a year of real imprisonment, endless court sessions, where they showed the players that they are nobody, and the system is everything.

It, the system gave a cruel but hopefully, effective lesson, and now an example of Kokorin and Mamaev will be before the eyes of all who talent and big money is sometimes replaced brains. Cultivating a sense of impunity.
10 Aug 2019. Alekseevka. Pavel Mamaev.
Who needs Mamaev. Where will he play after his time?
I have no doubt that both will be released by other people. Primarily this is evident in Mamaev, which was initially in this case as the main instigator and villain. His transformation is a mystical, half-religious story. From the evil presumptuous lout to “Gucci” to a modest and very resistant prisoner, who in the snow “Butyrki” with the other one plays football and the camera reads Dostoevsky. I think Fyodor Mikhailovich himself would have found such a character remarkable.

Ahead of both players a lot of tests. It’s not going to be easy. The search itself in football, and return forms, and communication with the media (because we know what will always have to ask guys). To do the right thing in all directions, they need the support and help of friends. In no case can we be angry and deny what happened to them. Cross it out like it never happened.

No, it’s an experience that needs to be managed. He’ll either pull you up or he’ll drag you down.

Good luck guys.

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