Rabiner - about the successful start of the youth team of Russia in the selection for Euro 2021
Great win by the team against Serbia. Applause for Mikhail Galaktionov, who built a great football team, and the players, who performed everything perfectly. And if the outcome was 3:…

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"Krymteplitsa "(Youth) – "Sevastopol". Review
On the fourth day FC Sevastopol scored four goals and a beautiful convincing victory. For a long time the fans of the Sevastopol team waited for this victory. For the…

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"Arsenal" – "Sevastopol". Details
On 22 July 2012 FC Sevastopol met Arsenal. After the first round, which the team from Sevastopol held at their home stadium with almost empty stands, our players seemed to…

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Baker, lawyer, tennis player and former cashier. Who will play for Scotland against Russia

“I didn’t play very much, so I decided to come up with an alternative to football — just in case,” Armstrong said. He chose law and studied it for five years. Only in 2017, the midfielder received a legal education and admits that he is very proud of it. Another would be: in Scotland, such players are no more.

Marshall: spare Slutsky and the victim Eto’o
David Marshall is number one for Scotland and Wigan. His career began rapidly: in the spring of 2004, the 19-year-old Celtic goalkeeper did not miss from Barcelona at camp Nou in the UEFA Cup, and in the autumn in the Champions League Marshall reflected a penalty by Ronaldinho.

But in 2013 the goalkeeper made not a feat, but a ridiculous mistake. When Marshall played for Cardiff in the match against Chelsea was embarrassing. Eto’o knocked the ball when the goalkeeper why-that pounded them on the ground, and in a few moments they scored.
Marshall crossed paths with the Russian coach. In 2017, hull with the Scot in the bid flew out of the Premier League, and Leonid Slutsky entered the championship with the team. However, if it is Marshall has not played a match at first was injured, and after recovering settled in stock, as Slutsky trusted another Scot, Gregor.

Machimina: problems with growth
Scott Machimina — main midfielder “Manchester United”, with OLE Gunnar Sulsher it is almost always the basis. Born in England, to protect its color, but the previous coach of Scotland Alex macleish in time played Macromania.

This is now the midfielder is high-193 centimeters, and four years ago he had real difficulties. By the beginning of 2015, 18-year-old Machimina grown only up to 168 cm. “In 13-14 years, I could be expelled because of small dimensions — – the midfielder is sure. — So he did do at another club, if I did not show patience.”

2015 was the year for the Scottish hard — he suddenly began to grow and by December appeared to those of 193-x. Sudden changes in the body caused the injury so the progress Lactomania slowed down. Fortunately, the midfielder has coped with everything and is now among the stars of the Scottish national team.

Robertson: from unemployed to Champions League winner
The main star of the team is Liverpool player Andy Robertson, one of the strongest full-backs in the world and the author of 11 assists in the last English championship. In the summer of 2012, Robertson was nobody and never dreamed of winning the Champions League. On August 19, he wrote bitterly on Twitter: “Life without money at this age sucks.#nugaraite”.

Robertson at the age of 15 was kicked out of the Academy “Celtic” because of the low growth (Hello Makemine and “MJ”), and in 2012 he played in the third division of Scotland. His then club, Queens Park, paid only for moving expenses, so Andy had to work on the side — for example, as a cashier at the marks & Spencer boutique in Glasgow. Robertson also worked part-time for the Scottish football Association. “In 2013, I worked at the stadium during the match against Belgium,” Andy recalled. — And I was told to escort Vincent Kompany (he was injured) to his seat. I did everything, even gave him a program, but he didn’t remember me for sure.”

Forrest: a frustrated Andy Murray
Everyone knows the great Scottish tennis player Andy Murray, two-time Olympic champion. But in the football team of Scotland, perhaps, is no less talented tennis player. At least the Celtic Flanker James Forrest had been promising in his youth. Janice Rogerson, coach of Prestwick tennis club, once said: “Forrest could just take a racket and start playing. I remember at one tournament he met Kester black, who trained ten hours a week. And James was a rookie and gave him a fight. Now Kester is performing at a high level, and James could do the same.”

The club’s other coach Ian Collins has urged Forrest to focus on tennis over the years, but James is committed to football. Forrest is now playing at Celtic, a club he has already given 17 years of his career to. And no regrets.

O’donnell: king of pies
In may 2018, Kilmarnock defender Stephen O’donnell was called up to Scotland for the first time. He commented on this news unusually. To put it literally, O’donnell remarked, ” It’s like powdered sugar on the cupcake of my career.” In fact, he voiced an idiom, the analogue of which in Russian — ” cherry on the cake.”

These words sound even brighter if you know that O’donnell in his spare time bakes pies, cakes, biscuits, muffins and the like. A few years ago, Partick Thistle quarterback Jordan McMillan told what cool culinary products are obtained from his teammate O’donnell. And in the spring, the BBC reporters came to visit the defender of the national team and saw for themselves that he knows how to cook deliciously.

At once three players of the national team at different times faced law enforcement agencies.

Defender Charlie Mulgrew and his wife Alana in December 2010 accused that they left the child in the car not just alone, but in the locked and not started in the cold. The case was closed for lack of evidence.

Midfielder Callum McGregor in February 2018 scored for Celtic” Zenit “in the Europa League, and two years before that, the Scot was deprived of his rights for 12 months and fined 500 pounds for drunk driving. The amount of alcohol in McGregor’s blood was then four times higher than normal.

Midfielder Robert Snodgrass was twice convicted of traffic violations. In 2011, the Scot parked at a pedestrian crossing, and in 2017 he was fined, as a man with a child was sitting in the passenger seat.

Frasier: the man from Oman
Bournemouth left winger Ryan Fraser is the lowest-ranked player in the English Premier League. His height is just 163 cm, but it is productive (“7+14” on the system “goal plus pass” in the past championship of England) and extremely fast. Speed Ryan owes his mother Debbie — she was part of the team at the international competitions in the hundred meters.

Ryan was born in Aberdeen, but his father soon moved him and his mother to Oman — where his father worked for several years in an oil company, and the child at this time of boredom kicked the ball. When his father noticed that Fraser was doing well, he quit his job and went back to Scotland — he wanted Ryan to get a quality football education. Judging by the career path of his son, everything is done correctly.

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