Gennady Orlov: "Kokorin can strengthen Zenit, a Friday. And Mamayev will not be suitable for the role of playmaker»
— Well, that Kokorin and Mamaev went to meet — they will be free. Now they have to think about the future - says Orlov. - We need to show…

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What the German football Association is doing for the development of Amateur football? (part 2)
WHAT IS THE MASTER PLAN OF AMATEUR FOOTBALL? Games Congress Amateur football 2012 born strategy for the future development of grassroots football. Her goal is to DFB, the national Association…

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FC "Sevastopol" – IFC "Nikolaev". After the match
For the first time in the history of their relations, these seaside teams played "dry". A few words about the events before the match. Sevastopol fans again confirmed their high…

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Nikolay Pisarev: “Inflated salaries in our football are not a consequence of the limit»

“Chertanovo” — our Bilbao
— As a former sports Director of the RFU and ex-coach of the youth national team of Russia can you formulate the main problems of youth football?

– Take my first youth team of 2010. Kokorin, Smolov, Shatov, Dzagoev: they were not in enough demand in their clubs. Young people, as a rule, sat on a bench. There was a shortage of game practice. Now the situation has changed for the better. Galaktionov have all the players play! That is, young people are competitive. That’s cool.

— And what do you attribute this trend? There is less money to buy foreigners and bet on young people?

Clubs continue to buy stars. But at the same time there are good young people. Look at CSKA: nine Russians came out in the Derby against Spartak as part of the army. In “Krasnodar” traditionally trust their. That’s the philosophy of this club. Ignatiev, Shapi, Utkin, Safonov — all in basis. Loco has enough young talented guys. Good trend. Russian clubs began to count money. They’re figuring out how to get into the budget. After all, there were many examples when teams simply disappeared.

– The most memorable?

— “Tosno”, “Amkar”. Signed a lot of players on huge contracts, and then… Now wages are being cut. It is clear that it is easier for young people to compete in such conditions. So clubs live within their means. That’s correct. However, a few scares another feature.

– What?

– Serious division between rich and poor. But that’s the market now. In this case, the example of Chertanovo is very significant and important for our football. Play only their pupils, salaries modest, budget a small. The team claims to enter the RPL, and the club also manages to sell players. Here’s an effective development model. Clubs must learn to live within their means. How to make money, many attracted the spectators in the stands, how many have sold the players, so much waste.

– Whose development model do you still like?

– Attracts “Ufa”. The club sells the players in top teams.

— At the same time, there is a risk that sooner or later they will not find a replacement and may leave the Premier League…

— Perhaps. But still the work of the club is respected. At least here is an understandable story. People promote players. Great work in the market, according to European standards. The right example. I do not want to be allocated money on the call. Then they somehow spend, and the team in a year crashes… And a lot of money spent, and there is no result, and all fled. The output — scorched earth!

– Public funding is the way to nowhere?

– Now there is no direct state financing anywhere. It’s just that some teams have richer sponsors, others have less. Still everywhere find the money, asking for the result, for philosophy. And of course, look at the number of spectators, which shows interest in the club in a particular city. Take into account, how many pupils goes in basis of. We have five contenders in the championship. But even among the more modest teams there are enough nice examples. This “Rostov”and ” Ural”.

— You give only good examples. What development model do you not understand?

“There are Elevator teams. Without philosophy… I do not want to specify. It’s just that every club has to define its goals. Either a high result, or the preparation of players for sale. There are also controversial moments.

“Like what?”

– Arsenal Tula. Last season, the team performed brightly, made it to the Europa League, but in the summer parted with the leaders. And the audience, I think, is dominated by disappointment… So we need balance and some consistency. For example, in Spain there is “athletic” from Bilbao, which makes a bet on the Basques. They give battle with the giants, keeping the brand. We have our Bilbao.

– What?

— “Chertanovo”. I like these clubs. Here everything is clear, clearly. And there are teams that spend a lot of money from year to year — they do not win anything, especially do not sell anyone. All the time in the red! Poor fans. The club shies from side to side and doesn’t know where it’s going… Management changes all the time. How so? What is it?

Will increase if the new limit is the national team of Russia? In the photo-the head coach of the national team Stanislav Cherchesov.
The limit of hope
The limit can be lifted when we have a lot of our strong players
— What is your attitude to the new limit formula, which will come into effect in a season?

— Any patronage anyway protects its market, its product. There is no point in doing this to our car industry, because it will never rise and compete with Japanese models. In football, the situation is changing.

– Really?

— Certainly. Academy of work effectively. A lot of money is invested in them. Talented young people appear. Limit need. It can be canceled only when we have a large number of strong Russian players and they will compete with each other.

Is this real?

“Of course! The biggest evil of Russian football is definitely not the limit.

“What is it?”

– Ownerless money and inflated salaries. Now, thank God, the situation is slowly normalizing. It’s just that our players should not be afraid to go abroad when revenues here decrease. Komlichenko went to the Czech Republic. You can choose Switzerland, Norway.

– Not too low?

– Yes, Championships are worse. But there the guys will grow as players, constantly going out on the field. I repeat, the main evil — inflated salaries. We must somehow equate them to European standards. Then the players will understand that you do not need to sit here. I remember I had a Zenit player in the Russian youth team. According to the regulations, the clubs had to declare for the season of homegrown — and here he was sitting there on the bench, in the moustache did not blow, received huge bonuses, did not consider other proposals. And finished with football…

– Kokorin and Smolov didn’t leave as already at youth level received big money.

“Yes, I suppose so. Fedya, however, was on loan at Feyenoord, but not for long. By their talent, of course, they could play in good European clubs. However, when they pay much more, the pressure is not the same as in Spain, England, Germany, you can not break anywhere. Now the situation is slowly changing.

— Not limit whether we have inflated salaries?

— No. I don’t think so.


– Because a lot of orphan money. I gave you examples of “Tosno”, “Amkara”. How could you sign so many players when you can’t provide them with contracts?! I think that the club from the second eight of our championship in its capabilities should not be much ahead of the middle man from the Czech Republic, Portugal…

— What should be the salary ceiling for young players?

– Everything here is individual. This should determine the market. There are super talented players. Zinchenko went to Manchester city and now gets ten times more than in Ufa. But he passed this stage, thanks to his work he got into the top club, deserved such a salary. That’s the way I understand. We need to bring everything to market laws.

– The main problem of Russian football?

– Attendance, I think. I would like higher rates. On the other hand, football cannot be separated from the country’s economy. People do not have such high salaries now, not everyone has the opportunity to buy tickets. In regions it is heavy to collect full tribunes.

— Maybe the quality of the show does not attract spectators to the stadiums yet? Is it easier for them to go to a movie, a restaurant, a shopping center or to sit at home and watch TV shows?

“No, I wouldn’t say that. Is there any amazing quality of football in the second Bundesliga? I don’t think so. And people walk. I watch this tournament sometimes. There, almost all matches are sold out, 30-40 thousand people come to the team, about which not everyone has even heard. That is, there is a hike to the stadium-quality leisure. Clubs work great, create comfortable conditions, safety.

Football competes with cinemas, circuses, recreation parks. Our clubs also need to strive to win this competition. Ideally, the main income is viewers, pay TV. So far, this is not easy for us… Well, do not forget about the situation in the country.

Players of the youth team & quot;Chertanovo" in training.
RFU launches a new tournament. The main young talents of the country will play there
Set a goal — to work as a coach in the RPL
— Now there is an understanding where you will continue your career?

– In principle, I have already accumulated a wealth of experience. I am grateful that as soon as I finished playing football, I immediately got a job offer. In fact, I didn’t have any serious downtime after my career as a player. I took up new challenges with pleasure. Having worked in the Premier League “Uralane”, dipped in beach soccer. We raised this sport from scratch, a subspecies of football. No one had ever heard of him before. And in the end we became world Champions.

– Then followed the proposal from the RFU?

– Yes, the next challenge is to head the sports Department of the RFU, and then the youth team. A good stage, which lasted seven years-three convocations of youth. Two I led personally. In the third case, the coach was fired, and I was asked to finish the qualifying cycle. Now I understand that, probably, it was necessary to leave a post of the sports Director in trainers earlier.


– You shouldn’t have taken the youth again. I should have left. Moreover, there was an offer from the club. I regret that it was not accepted. In 2017, he led the second League team “Olympian”. Managed to withdraw Nizhny Novgorod in FNL. We had no right to make a mistake, we were four points behind the first place, we had to win every match. Also useful experience. We created a fighting team and consolidated in the middle of the standings in the first division. By the way, from that team now two people — Fomin and Ayupov — play in the Premier League.

“Then there was the harvest.

Gennady Orlov: "Kokorin can strengthen Zenit, a Friday. And Mamayev will not be suitable for the role of playmaker»
— Well, that Kokorin and Mamaev went to meet — they will be free. Now they have to think about the future - says Orlov. - We need to show…


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