What the German football Association is doing for the development of Amateur football? (part 2)
WHAT IS THE MASTER PLAN OF AMATEUR FOOTBALL? Games Congress Amateur football 2012 born strategy for the future development of grassroots football. Her goal is to DFB, the national Association…

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Unnecessary football
Poltava football fans are unique. They do not go to the matches of "Vorskla" in the Ukrainian championship, completely ignored the team's rather successful European Cup season. But as soon…

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FC "Sevastopol" – IFC "Nikolaev". After the match
For the first time in the history of their relations, these seaside teams played "dry". A few words about the events before the match. Sevastopol fans again confirmed their high…

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Gennady Orlov: “Kokorin can strengthen Zenit, a Friday. And Mamayev will not be suitable for the role of playmaker»

— Well, that Kokorin and Mamaev went to meet — they will be free. Now they have to think about the future – says Orlov. – We need to show ourselves. Pavel and Alexander are very strong players for our country. But it is important that health does not disappoint. And they will be motivated accordingly.

In the near future will see Kokorin to Zenit?

“Semak said several times that he needed Kokorin. I am convinced that he will be at Zenit. But where will mom, don’t know.

– However, the players missed 11 months, and Kokorin’s leg is not fully healed…

— We don’t know exactly how ill Alexander is. Valery Gazzayev, for example, said that a month of preparatory work should be enough to return to service. Let’s see. Mamaev is now without a club, might be to train yourself. But Zenit have a fitness coach Maria Burova, she also worked with Kokorin when he was recovering from a serious injury, so she knows Him well. I think now we should wish Kokorin and Mamayev good luck and success on the way to big football.

Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev.
Without football, their freedom is a prison. Kokorin and Mamaev, rather on the field!
— Kokorin already this season can really strengthen “Zenith”?

— Certainly. Now there is nobody to change the film and Asana. Just Kokorin and fit.

– The Joker?

— It already depends on its form and on competition. Do not exclude that the Semak with the return Kokorin can play with three forwards. Why not change the pattern when you have three great forwards at your disposal? Let’s see. Did not play the same “Zenit” 4-4-2 before coming Asana. The arrangement depends on the specific performers. In football, they always said-class is not drunk. The ability, skills Kokorin is not lost. But “physics”… There is issues.

— You have repeatedly said that there is no playmaker in this Zenit …

Yes! Just recently I talked on this subject with the General Director of club Alexander Ivanovich Medvedev, I asked it such question.

“What did you hear?”

– That they’re looking for a player of that kind. They expect that in winter they will be able to buy a high-level football player.

– So, maybe in winter to call in” Zenit ” Mamayev?

— No, no-not suitable for Zenit. That’s my opinion.


“Mamayev is not a playmaker. Yes, capable of delivering sharp transfer, but overall — not a conductor. Not like Arshavin.

— Do you understand the tough position of Sergei Galitsky, who immediately decided to terminate the contract with Mamayev?

– Yes, I understand this decision. Mamaev is tough. He had different stories. And then-remember how he left CSKA. The player is good, but did not get along there somehow with someone… Now, I think Paul has become wiser. I don’t think you’d expect him to do anything fancy.
— History of Kokorin and Mamaev something to teach other players?

— How! As well as situations with the hockey player Kuznetsov, with Roman Eremenko. With bad habits need to fight. A lesson. It is necessary to focus on this, so that everyone gets it. Especially to those boys and girls who are just starting to play sports.

The same should be told about doping. We still don’t know how many coaches have been disqualified. Somewhere passed one line — not more. This should be written and spoken about. What doctors denied a license? No specifics… Why? So people sympathize with them and support the development of doping? And it goes on. New people get caught… Therefore, journalists should get to the truth, and sports officials-to give us the invoice. They know everything, if something, of course, do in this direction…

Russia overran Scotland as a dwarf
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Letter from Kyrgyzstan
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