Russia finally mighty Junior. It should be in Euros
Lift the curse! The youth team is totally unlucky. In the XXI century our team was selected for the Euro only once — in 2013. But the tournament is better…

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Euro 2012, match Russia-Greece. Enchanted gates or badly drawn cart.
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"Arsenal" – "Sevastopol". Details
On 22 July 2012 FC Sevastopol met Arsenal. After the first round, which the team from Sevastopol held at their home stadium with almost empty stands, our players seemed to…

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The Russian team defeated its main competitor!

Time for a breakthrough
After the 2018 world Cup, the attitude towards the main Russian team has changed markedly — they love it, worry about it and certainly do not mock it.

But the team behind senior. Of course, the fans have always looked at it differently from the main team. This adults players sometimes like to make fun of, to mold them memes — all endure. To young players quite another, reverent attitude, so that their systematic failures in qualifying tournaments Championships Europe cause not laughable, and anger, regret and offense.

Let me remind you, our youth team after the collapse of the USSR went to the final part of the Euro only three times, where they suffered six defeats in six matches. Previously, the reasons were sought in the weak generation and / or the head coach, but now there can be no such excuses. At the head of the team in December stood Mikhail Galaktionov-a young specialist, but with extensive experience working with young people at different levels.

Mikhail Galaktionov.
Mikhail Galaktionov — Clove, Sochi and the impact of the new limit for Junior
Powerful composition
And the composition of the team-a fairy tale. At the heart of the opening meeting of the qualifying tournament with Serbia came entirely familiar to us people. Each of the 11 players this season has played more than one match in the Premier League, and in total they played 67 games in eight rounds of this championship of Russia. All-if not basic in their clubs, then as least players rotation. And that’s not all healthy: Glebova and Suleymanova “unhooked” due to injuries.

The names of the players of the starting line-up did not surprise — unlike the scheme chosen by the coaching staff. In friendly matches with Sweden, Norway and Czech Republic we went four at the back, with the Express Kalugin appeared on the right flank of defense. But Galaktionov decided to stamp the center Kalugin, and on the right brow went Spartak Stories.

19-year-old Umarov, which originally was not in the lineup for the September games, closed reference area in the center helped Oblakov, and on the edge of the midfield went Kuchaev and Lomovitski. 5-4-1 — such arrangement the Russians frightened the Serbs.

The guests have no one to frighten us. In the previous qualifying tournament, Russia also got into the same group with Serbia, and for her then scored forward “Eintracht” Luka Jovic-he became the third scorer of the Bundesliga last season, and in the summer moved to real Madrid. Now in the Balkan command to allocate only attacking the Vlahovic (Fiorentina) and Juelich (“Eintracht”). And, maybe, the brothers Luka and Ivan Ilich leased from Manchester city.

16 Oct. St. Polten. Austria-Russia-3: 2. Football players of the youth team of Russia.
It was the most promising youth. But we lost her
Implemented most
Galaktionov’s idea worked: the Serbs were not ready for Russia’s layered defense, and she relied on counterattacks and standard provisions. Because of this, the game lost in entertainment, but our achieved the desired result. In the first half, the Russians several times dangerously executed penalties and corners, and one of the “standards” led to a goal. Goal came from Central defenders — Evgeniev hung from the right flank, and Diveev flew from behind the Serbs and opened the account. The guests stopped a few moments before the blow and raised their hands. But the assistant referee did not raise the flag and did the right thing: replays showed that the defense did not catch the Russians in an offside trap.

Before the break, the visitors hardly attacked. Remember only blow of Juelich head above the gate Yes attack Ivan Ilic at the end of which he collapsed in the penalty and rightly got booked for simulation. Stupid yellow card turned the destruction — the end of the hour Ilic fouled on Clove and left the field. Serbia remained in the minority.

By the time the game revived – after the break, the Serbs opened up, but did not get anything out of it, not to consider the success of the first hit on target. And Russia in the first 15 minutes pressed guests to gate and arranged attack from “standards” — in this component our team was delightful.

Coach of the Serbian team, Nenad Milovanovic frantically used all five permitted substitutions for 69 minutes (the latter was forced). Galaktionov only in the 71st made the first permutation. On the side of Russia there was everything: tribunes, the account, numerical advantage, opportunities for maneuver.

The ending, however, still came out nervous-the Serbs created a few half-moments, although the real threat did not come. But substitute Ignatieff and Lisova almost scored — goalkeeper Marko Ilic is not allowed to double the score. More Serbs are not enough, and Russia has achieved a well-deserved victory. 1: 0-in the first round defeated team-the mother of the group and our main competitor!

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