Football clubs in Denmark
The story of a young man living in Denmark about how Amateur football sections are arranged in this country. Frankly, there are shocking moments. Amateur players from Russia to preserve…

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FC Sevastopol 2-0 FC "Steel". Analysis of flights
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The Russian team defeated its main competitor!
Time for a breakthrough After the 2018 world Cup, the attitude towards the main Russian team has changed markedly — they love it, worry about it and certainly do not…

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Russia in Scotland: this team is cooler than the RPL clubs!

How much thankless work of Stanislav cherchesova! Defeat in this match could negate all the good that the team has done for a year or so, starting in June 2018. I say this with full confidence, because I closely monitor the information space. How many people on social media reacted to the crumpled start of the meeting with Scotland is a very telling story. We were losing in attack a little that turned out, Golovin was more running around than playing — and here, suddenly returned rhetoric that prevailed before the world Cup. Team — blockheads, there is no thought, the protection of the bottom, the goalkeeper is not the same.

It was as if the critics had suddenly become a collective Kai with a shard in his eye that made everything look bad.

How good that we actually have a great, efficient team. Who calmly equalized the score, went on a break and after the break the elegant movement, the specific thought and the universal excitement took out the shard of the fans and brought the case to victory.

June 18, 1992. Norrkoping. Scotland – CIS 3:0. Dmitry Kuznetsov replaced Sergey Aleynikov in the game.
How we lost to the “drunk” Scots. Myths and reality of the fiasco of the national team of the CIS-1992
And after all excuses could be many. In the competition-not plush Scotland with top-level players of the Premier League in the start. We have gathered quite recently, and the composition is adjusted taking into account injuries. Playing away against a very home team. Standings did draw a good result but loss — tolerant. Gorgeous straws!

Nevertheless, the Russian team scored on all this and took three points.

Thanks to the incredible movement of Golovin for our League, whose hair for some reason did not give rest to the haters. Thanks to the volume of Zobnin, who is now not very bright in Spartak ,but woke up in the national team. Outputs thanks to Guilherme, who was destroyed for the first goal, but then probably regret it. Eternal thanks to Zhirkov. Thanks to Dzyuba, of course.

Artem still decides-a unique person. Yes, the meaning is all the list? Mario Fernandez, Jikia, Ozdoev-each of them fought and played for the country. And his actions showed Scotland, which was inspired to this meeting by a stunning hymn to the bagpipes, that our patriotism is not an empty word. We support it with deeds.

Thank you, team, for this match. Thank you Cherchesova for that short time managed to explain to the guys what a speed, what is touch, what is the point. Other commands RPL and months can’t put that team could in a few days. A fighting victory that brought us even closer to the European championship.

Waiting for the match with Kazakhstan!

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