1972-structure of football in the USSR
Facebook user Sergei Karimov found interesting statistic for one year. Look: "To talk about how to properly develop youth and mass football in the country. 1972-structure of football in the…

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How to behave like Kokorin and Mamaev free. Attorney Paul explained everything
— I as the defender of Paul, I am glad for him personally, for the brothers Komarinyh, relatives, fans and all the supporters that have experienced and watched these judicial…

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That's a scary word fan
It is impossible to separate sports from fans. Each sport has enough fans. But it is good when the love for the team or for some athlete is limited to…

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Artem Dzyuba: “Hit on the calf, the judge shouts-get up! Then I understood…»

Dzyuba: “Zhirkov is our druid»

– The first 15 minutes — what was it? — the first question to the author of the first goal in the mixed zone after the match.

– We were a little dumbfounded. We were preparing for it, but they still pinned us down when they were driven forward by the stands. We were not ready, including the fact that the referee will offer such a pace-he practically whistled fouls. Only then we realized that now is not surprising. The guy hit me in the calf, and the judge says, ” Get up!”. Then I understood. Amazing fight! They offered a power struggle, but we were ready for it. An important victory across the Board that allowed us to come off.

— How is it that the players of Zenit and Spartak beat the players of Manchester and Liverpool?

“Nice, to be honest. Robertson’s level was visible, and so, in General, so… And Zhirkov… Zhirkov is our favorite druid. He is immortal. Collapsed there, is. He has such a class, he is a very strong player. Unfortunately, we underestimate a lot of our guys. When he’s done, we’ll remember him. So glad that Salamis it back. We cannot throw away such players.

— Robertson in “Zenith” it is necessary to take?

– If there was an opportunity, of course would take. But nothing, we have our own. Is Yuri Zhirkov! We’ll answer with our guys.

— The team will not be relaxed after such a victory over the Scots?

— Our coaching staff has already said that this victory will be devalued if we lose points further. We constantly say that our strength is a team, a single team. We fight, we fight for every centimeter, and only at the expense of it we win. If we start to think that we will beat someone on a class, at once without chances will be. Plus it is necessary to pay tribute to our staff: on the field just fly, such power! If we felt like this in every match, we would tear everyone in Russia as well.

— Do you like to play “rubilovo”? Or football? In the EPL a grind every match.

– When you get into such an atmosphere, of course it’s rubilovo. But if they only came out from the flank, we also tried to play from the bottom, and in the pressure, and rolled, creating good chances. Could faster finish. I’m comfortable with that. We don’t have such that let’s cut on Dzyuba, and there that will turn out. We try to play football, through the pass. When it does not work, we are pressed — Yes, it is better to play easier. But I love it when these guys over and over again to win the fight. After the world Cup, we felt confident and understood that we could play.

— There is no feeling that the level of criticism slightly increases, as if the people demand your blood?

— There is such, I see it on comments when you run eyes. One, two… We are. We like praise, and can drop in any time. We try not to allow it, we are afraid to lose this love. People are waiting, worried sick. It’s nice that when we come to visit the Scots, everyone says: you have to win. And why? Are they so dead? Now they say: well, they say who you beat. And play it now I would have been completely different. It’s neither good nor bad. This is our reality.

— Do you think Kokorin and Mamayev could be in the national team before the end of the qualifying round?

– Very difficult question, honestly. We have a team playing, and talk about something else always. In this situation, the most beautiful thing is that children will see their parents. Because children are always waiting for their parents. The important thing is that soon they’ll see them.
Russian national team

Goal Artem Dzuba in gates Scotland ⚽

Embedded video
Two hundred thirty four
02:13 – 7 Sept. Two thousand nineteen
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September 6. Glasgow. Scotland-Russia-1: 2. Stanislav Cherchesov.
Stanislav Cherchesov: “are we criticized? We consider this a discussion»
Zhirkov: “I was affected by the injury, my family and the head coach»
— We were preparing for them to play their football — ” the midfielder told reporters. “But it didn’t work.” This rebound… missed the ball. I don’t think the stands played a role. All of us played in the Champions League, all came to the English teams. Everyone was ready.

— During Gazzaev in CSKA was fine, if not extreme closes the far post. With the Scots worked the genetic memory?

– Yes, by the way, it was! But it was just a beautiful pass Golovin, I had no choice but to simply close it.

— Not sorry that copied goal on the Scotsman?

— No. Winning is important.

— Now remembered everything news: Gerrard ends his career in the national team. A year goes by and you give out such matches. You still a few years in such form capable be?

– I don’t know about a few years. But what affected me was the injury, the family and the head coach.

– Will there be enough emotions for Kazakhstan after such a victory?

I think so. Especially at home, in Kaliningrad, a full stadium… I hope everything will be fine.
Russian national team

Maybe an own goal, but the merit of Yuri Zhirkov is huge! Agree? 🔥

Embedded video
Three hundred ninety five
02:14 – 7 Sept. Two thousand nineteen
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September 6. Glasgow. Scotland-Russia-1: 2. Mario Fernandez: how to get to Euro 2020?
Russia can qualify for the Euro in the second leg against Scotland on October 10
Guilherme: “Goal? I can say that it was my mistake»
— Why was it so hard for our team to play in the first 15 minutes? – a question to the goalkeeper from the correspondent of “SE”.

– Yes, an unpleasant beginning. The Scots went ahead with their fans, tried very hard. Pressed. Good thing we didn’t break down and kept playing our game. Forgot about the first goal and returned to the game.

— What happened in the episode with the conceded goal?

– Suggested to defenders that I play in that episode. Djikia fought until the end and then put your foot down. That got in my way a little bit. I could catch the ball…

– Was it an accident or a mistake?

— Difficult moment. I can say it’s my fault. But this is a really difficult moment. The defender played to the end, it was hard for me to react. Maybe I should have played it differently. Maybe my mistake.

“How do you like the Scots?”

– Awkward opponent. Constantly struggle. I think our team is above the level.

September 6. Glasgow. Scotland-Russia-1: 2. Yuri Zhirkov (left) and Artem Dzyuba celebrate the goal.
Russia made “Hampden Park” to shut up
Golovin: “Hit the knee. But nothing serious»
– Why did you start the match so early? – journalists asked the midfielder.

I do not know. Probably because it’s been a long time since we got together. Apparently, they were not ready for this level of resistance.

— At the expense of what it was succeeded to change a course of a meeting? Can we say we are a level above the Scots?

– We’re stronger in a number of ways. After conceding a goal, we realized that we need to add. Couldn’t afford to lose. After all, the Scots are our main competitors in the group. So came in themselves and began to play.

— You stayed in the locker room, and then went to the second half and immediately had two chances to score

– Yes, there were moments after the break. I had to score myself. But the main thing-there are three points.

“So why did you stay in the locker room?”

– I asked for a pill. In the knee got. But nothing serious.

— How hard was it for you as a creative player to Express yourself in such a cabin?

– I agree, it was not easy, especially in the first half. There were no free zones at all. I had to go down to the supports to get the ball. But after the break someone at the Scots, apparently, tired. It felt better.
Russian national team

The winning locker room @TeamRussia 🙌

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Six hundred fifty four
00:59 – 7 Sept. Two thousand nineteen
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September 6. Germany — Netherlands — 2:4. Hamburg. The orange are celebrating an important victory.
Germany shocked by the Promes and Holland
Djikia: “Whiskey ordered, but still was not up to it»
— When our team didn’t realize chances, got to bars, you didn’t visit thought that can punish for such extravagance? – asked the defender.

“I wouldn’t say. Basically, we controlled the game. Yes, there is a rule: you do not score — you score. But we managed. There was nothing serious about the Scots. Guilherme played with outputs belaying us.

— Zhirkov is surprising in its 36 years?

– He’s great, scored an amazing goal today.

— Away goal put the Scots…

– Well if not Yura, in that episode the Scotsman would beat out a ball. We give him this goal (smiles). He is a great fellow that ran, was in the right place, scored.

– Do you have enough strength for the match with Kazakhstan” to play the same way as today?

– Let’s see, we have two days. We will have time to recover. I think everything will be fine. We play at home, with our fans. These are different emotions. Everything should be fine.

Whiskey as a gift someone already bought?

“Not yet. But we’ll see, we’ll see (smiles). Orders were, but not until then.

— Romashchenko during the match, constantly shouting: “Jika, podima, podima”. How to explain it? The line of defense should have played higher?

-Yeah. Act as high as possible to prevent the Scots from falling on the flanks to avoid innings from there. Yes, it was. I heard it perfectly, understood that it was necessary to play higher. But slightly affected by the fatigue factor. In General, I think we managed. Played quite highly.

– It seemed that after the goal the national team continued to carry out that installation which was before game. That is, psychologically, the ball Scots do not broke?

– Communicated with children on this subject. No one had such a, that here is missed and now all… No, they knew what we had to do. Played their football.

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