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Scotland-Russia. Whose hearts are braver?
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Russia overran Scotland as a dwarf

The Russian team against strong named Scotland showed excellent organization of the game. British hopes were based on the transformation of the team after the arrival of eminent coach Steve Clark. Expectations for improvements

focused actions in defense and counter-attacks — but with this just having problems.

Russia beat the hosts 4: 3 on clear scoring chances and 12:9 on free kicks. Also quite unexpectedly, we just crushed the Scots in the martial arts 61:43 and 35:18 in upland duels. This is a very big bias in favor of one of the opponents, this is extremely rare even in the meetings of the top teams with dwarfs. Moreover, the composition of the guests was not confined to the fight: Golovin, Zhirkov, Ionov, Semenov is not the most outstanding in the martial arts performers. Nevertheless, the Scots were trampled.

Russia created chances and approaches to positional and fast attacks, pressure and concrescence. Such variability is a rarity for all of our football, and especially for modern football teams. Suddenly sagged standards, the traditional strengths of the national team — but then it’s only innings, they have Zhirkov go.

Cherchesov did not change anything and used formation 4-2-3-1 where Gerrard took the place of the left flank, and Ions — right. Interestingly, all except Golovin, there was a rigid binding to their positions. For example, a pair of half-backs Zobnin-Ozdoyev was always in their area — they are almost not connected high in attack. In the clubs novel and Mohammed have much more freedom, their role is wider.

September 6. Glasgow. Scotland-Russia-1: 2. Mario Fernandez: how to get to Euro 2020?
Russia can qualify for the Euro in the second leg against Scotland on October 10
Output Barinova slightly broke the balance in the holding area. Intense and hyperactive defensive midfielder, he is often aggressive were thrown out to meet the ball of the opponent. In these episodes, it was played either by passing the ball or by passing. 28 minutes of the game, those moments were typed with a dozen, plus midfielder “Loco” yawned one of the jerks of the Scots, was fouled and followed a free kick from a dangerous point. In short, not the most successful way to replace.

Dzyuba before the break performed a narrow role in the penalty — Artem really haven’t been so “pure” hitter. It is expected that with so much time in close proximity to Marshall’s goal, zenitovets worked on a goal. Plus Dzyuba had a good moment with a header from the center of the penalty area, plus gave a sharp pass, plus took the upper hand in 6 of 7 martial arts. Strong half Russian captain. But other than that in the starting 45-minute moments the guests were not many.
In the second half, Dzyuba came out with the usual functions for Zenit: he often shifted to the flanks, pulled the defenders and played the ball into the vacant zones. Such techniques bring chaos to the defense, which is always good for the attacking team. Ahead immediately became more fun: 3 clear chances after the break (only 1 before), 8 beats out of the box (4 — in the first half). So the abundance of dangerous episodes at the gates of Scotland in the second half is associated primarily with the areas of activity Dzyuba. The contrast between the halves and Artem’s movement in them is too strong to be a mere coincidence-it’s probably all about Cherchesov’s setup in the locker room between the halves.

September 6. Glasgow. Scotland-Russia-1: 2. Stanislav Cherchesov.
Stanislav Cherchesov: “are we criticized? We consider this a discussion»
We should also highlight the organization of the game on the selection. The Scots are in a positional defense were pressed in their box in a very compact midfield and defense, our remains be placed in key areas and to read the offsets. It turned out well, the middle line for five made 28 rebounds. Output some very quality attacks second rate.
A bonus, there are successful actions are not the most well-established ligaments Central defenders (Semenov — Djikia) and locomotive (Zobnin — defence). In both cases, there were questions before this game, and before the past. But in Glasgow tandems have worked well — a major achievement of the staff team. This is important, because with a high probability such combinations will hold both October and November meetings of the qualifying cycle.
A great trip to Britain drew a line under the first half of the Euro selection. Gap from competitors in the fight for second place (Belgium — space compared to the rest of the composition and organization of the game) — 5 and 6 points with equal matches. Go check the team’s psychology to the discipline and concentration in these relaxing positions in the standings.

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Russia overran Scotland as a dwarf
The Russian team against strong named Scotland showed excellent organization of the game. British hopes were based on the transformation of the team after the arrival of eminent coach Steve…