Letter from Kyrgyzstan
"Hello ! I want to talk to you about our domestic football and its development. Around and around football involved whole departments, committees, organizations,clubs,TV,support funds, development funds,agencies Oka-sanyu services in…

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Letter from Kyrgyzstan
"Hello ! I want to talk to you about our domestic football and its development. Around and around football involved whole departments, committees, organizations,clubs,TV,support funds, development funds,agencies Oka-sanyu services in…

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How to raise John Terry (part 1)
Everything you wanted to know about #destitutes in Russia through the eyes of a parent, but didn't know who to ask. Emotionally, mentally, truthfully. Take, made for you and all…

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Valery Nepomnyashchy:” even in this “Monaco” Golovin continues to progress. The most important link of the team!»

— Probably, the score 3:1 in our favor would be more fair, – says Nepomnyashchy. But in principle this is fine.

— But the start was record have…

– Yes, in the first ten minutes had to worry, was disappointed. Got a goal in their own goal. But then things got better.

— What surprised you in the starting lineup?

“To be honest, I never even try to think about it.


– Not knowing the situation from the inside, it is risky to make predictions about the composition. Maybe I have some preferences, but they are very subjective.

– Some experts believed that from the first minutes will Cheryshev.

I just Cheryshev was not expecting. Rather think a few Djikia in the centre of defence will be Neustädter, not Semenov. But Cherchesov has taken such a decision.

“And you didn’t?”

– There are no special questions to the center of defense.

— Missed goal — a fully fault Guilherme?

— An accident, a mistake of the goalkeeper. It was difficult for defenders to predict something there.

September 6. Glasgow. Scotland-Russia-1: 2. Stanislav Cherchesov.
Stanislav Cherchesov: “are we criticized? We consider this a discussion»
— What is Guilherme exceeds Lunev?

– I confess, in goalkeeping matters absolutely do not understand. In teams work with the goalkeepers have always been farmed out to assistants. The only — I think at the outputs Guilherme looks better than the rest. But again, this is a subjective assessment.

– Someone in the Russian national team dropped out of the game?

— I do not agree with the commentators of the match, who said that Ionov is not active, gone. I think that Alex and Mario Fernandez interact well on the right. And attack opponents on his flank held back, and ahead looked good.

– So no one disappeared on the field?

— Unfortunately, Zobnin while playing below their capabilities. I can’t find fault with anyone else.

— Is the first half of the second half performed by Cherchesov’s team almost perfect?

— Yeah. The guys turned on those speeds that are required. Of course, Golovin stood out. This is the most important figure in our attacking actions! All through him. He plays, he takes, he gives. Very decent level. Culture pass!

— Is it a shame that he plays in such a “Monaco”, which again does not Shine in the French championship?

“I think it’s all in good time.” Serious club will find Golovina, he is still gaining traction. The guy is on the rise. Sasha was in such a difficult situation, but continues to progress! That’s important. So he’s doing fine.

September 6. Glasgow. Scotland-Russia-1: 2. In fight Artem Dzyuba.
Artem Dzyuba: “Hit on the calf, the judge shouts-get up! Then I understood…»
— In the course of this game, we wondered-would Dzyuba succeed in the English championship?

His style, the style of play fits the EPL. Although English football is changing. It is a stereotype that there need only big strikers who know how to fight for the ball. I have no doubt Artem could play in England. He has all the necessary qualities.

– But he’s 31 years old.

— It doesn’t bother me. Conversations, 30 years to retire with a stamp.

— What is the phenomenon of Zhirkov, who recently turned 36?

– Second wind opened (laughs). The guy healed the injury, dropped the load. Yuri correctly restored. There’s someone above us. If people faithfully serve the football, he is rewarded according to merit. And here is Zhirkov it turns out in right time in right place. Scored, giving. Look, he began to work more confidently with the ball, he plays forward more. It’s a psychological moment. Man found himself at that age.

— Didn’t seem to replace the game is not increased?

— Oh, Barinova I even got mad when he missed the attack on the center, fouled and the referee gave a free-kick. But it is not easy to strengthen the game by coming on as a substitute. To restrain the onslaught of an opponent is another matter.

But Akhmetov, I think, looked confident. Not slowed down, and continued attacks. In one episode very aptly played. But it’s hard to expect a man to come off the bench and score straight away. The more Barinov acted in the support zone, more focused on the destruction, played closer to the Central defenders.

— Now there is no doubt that we will go to the European championship?

– Yes, I initially believed that successfully pass the cycle. Of course, there is a clear favorite-Belgium. But at least the second place should not leave us. I am looking forward to a home meeting with the Belgians.

– Is our team able to achieve a positive result?

– At home with the Belgians can play on an equal footing.

– Not yield?

— Yeah. In any case, the result.

“How do you like the Scots?”

“They don’t seem to have much of a crew.” I think we’ll tear them up at home.

– Tear?!

— I think we will win with a difference of three goals.

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