The Russian team defeated its main competitor!
Time for a breakthrough After the 2018 world Cup, the attitude towards the main Russian team has changed markedly — they love it, worry about it and certainly do not…

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Granite countertops installed price - average granite
Without football, their freedom is a prison. Kokorin and Mamaev, rather on the field!
The release of Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamayev, in my opinion, is one of the best football news of recent times. I say "football" on purpose because the prison Saga…

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What the German football Association is doing for the development of Amateur football? (part 1)
How does Amateur football look to the future? How can and should associations support clubs? As it creates the Foundation for opportunities that had Germany as the host country Евро2024?…

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Letter from Kyrgyzstan

“Hello !

I want to talk to you about our domestic football and its development. Around and around football involved whole departments, committees, organizations,clubs,TV,support funds, development funds,agencies Oka-sanyu services in the field of sports marketing, etc., etc. since 1991, Yes to football development invested billions of rubles. It was possible to describe what structures and how football develops. But I will be brief. Results as we see no. We can’t even imagine the world championship. Let’s be honest,our players lag behind foreigners in all respects much. Our play is sluggish, there is no dexterity, thinking, mobility, speed, strength, endurance and reaction speed, as well as the technique of receiving, possession and use of the ball. No sense of goals, zeal and most importantly patriotism. I’m not judging, I’m saying what’s real. But for their development there must be a system. That’s what I want to talk to you about. I really want our team to take bronze at the 2018 world Cup in Moscow, but I can hardly believe it.

I want to create a systematic training of young players to win prizes, starting from 2030. Yeah, far. But if we do not take seriously, and these years will fly by as the former in vain. I have beautiful, gifted children-young footballers. But they are not in Moscow, and not even in Russia. They are in Kyrgyzstan, but less than half of the children are children with Russian citizenship.And the total number of players within sixty. This means that in the future they will be able to play both for Kyrgyzstan and for Russia.

But I need help. In the semi-million city on the land plot of 7,5 hundredths I want to build miniportal size 17Х30 meters. On the ground floor will be placed business structures for the payment of the loan, as well as a shower, a dining room for children.In the second hall.Classes will be held year-round, and in between children’s classes will be held classes in other sports, including for adults.For physical training will furnish modern simulators, as well as a trampoline for the development of the vestibular apparatus and something else.

Given the importance of the issue, I addressed the President of the country.And if he would personally read my letter could help. However, in her reception I politely replied that for a loan, I turned to the Central Bank. Of course, they answered within the law. But for the prestige of football could solve the issue. If as in hockey, our would be world Champions, I would not think to write about the problem of football. I asked only to help get a loan with a two-interest rate per annum, because the rates that offer banks to pay more difficult.

To implement my project requires 10 (ten) million rubles, with an annual interest rate of two percent, for a period of 10 years. As collateral will provide a two-storey mansion worth 10 million rubles.

I ask for your assistance in the implementation of my project for the benefit of domestic football. I’ll consider your terms. I have a coaching license “C”, received in 2016 and my own method of training the guys. In addition, I will apply the guidelines of coaches and specialists of the Krasnoyarsk Institute of physical education.

From my project neither you or any other person or institution can do no harm and only benefit. I’ll pay you back. There will be only your help and kindness. I can’t imagine life without football! I want to prove that against the billions invested in football funds can be contrasted with the work of a team of football fans. Thanks!”

Spelling and punctuation-in the original.
Contacts of the author – in our edition.

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