Case Kokorin and Mamaev. All episode
Episode 1. 10th anniversary of friendship On October 7 in St. Petersburg, Zenit beat Krasnodar 2-1 in the match of the 10th round of the Russian championship. Forward of the…

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How to behave like Kokorin and Mamaev free. Attorney Paul explained everything
— I as the defender of Paul, I am glad for him personally, for the brothers Komarinyh, relatives, fans and all the supporters that have experienced and watched these judicial…

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Russia made "Hampden Park" to shut up
"One big win» The lone bagpipes were screaming somewhere on the way to the stadium. Before the game the Scots Russians had two and a half hours, slow the British…

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1972-structure of football in the USSR

Facebook user Sergei Karimov found interesting statistic for one year. Look:

“To talk about how to properly develop youth and mass football in the country.
1972-structure of football in the USSR (statistics)

Tournament LEATHER BALL-children 11-12 years and 13-14 years.
Teams were created at all zhekah (house management) from large cities to the most remote villages.
The final tournament to 24 teams.
Junior – Lviv
Senior – Krasnodar
Food, accommodation, road-all for free.

The CUP of YOUTH – teenagers 15-16 years
All cities of the country large and small
The final – 6 teams – Novorossiysk

All-UNION SPARTAKIAD of PUPILS-teams of pupils of 15 Union republics, Moscow and Leningrad.
The selections were made for all schools in the country, was played by teams of schools
Final – Kiev
The GAMES were held every odd year.

The national YOUTH COMPETITION, ages 16-18.
Participated in a group training with masters teams and football schools for youth (FSM)- 36 teams
FSM-it was a separate area of work with teenagers in football.

Participated 70 teams (!!!)- workers of factories and plants.

The final of the -32 command – the city is Mine
Were 46 teams (!!!)- workers villages.
Final – 8 teams – Moldova edineţ.

This year the USSR team reached the 1/2 finals of the European championship and became a bronze medalist at the Olympics.
The youth national team of the country became the second in the European championship.

How are the kids tournaments were happy! In winter, all the kids played at the tournament Golden puck and hockey kalds were in every quarter of the city.

That’s how we need to develop mass youth sports and football in particular, then the team will have a decent result.”

That's a scary word fan
It is impossible to separate sports from fans. Each sport has enough fans. But it is good when the love for the team or for some athlete is limited to…


Euro 2012, match Russia-Greece. Enchanted gates or badly drawn cart.
They say that Russians harness for a long time, but they drive fast. Unfortunately, at Euro 2012 football it did not work. The impression was that the Russian team went…


Russia overran Scotland as a dwarf
The Russian team against strong named Scotland showed excellent organization of the game. British hopes were based on the transformation of the team after the arrival of eminent coach Steve…


Russia finally mighty Junior. It should be in Euros
Lift the curse! The youth team is totally unlucky. In the XXI century our team was selected for the Euro only once — in 2013. But the tournament is better…