Scotland-Russia. Whose hearts are braver?
If you ask a Scot to describe himself and his people in one word, he will undoubtedly say "the brave" — brave. Bravery goes through the history of this small…

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Russian startup Baller is ready to unite all Amateur football on the planet
We all know what sport is the most popular on the planet. And while millions of people are trying to emulate Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the Russian startup offers…

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Russia overran Scotland as a dwarf
The Russian team against strong named Scotland showed excellent organization of the game. British hopes were based on the transformation of the team after the arrival of eminent coach Steve…

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Twitterbot from Boris Chirva

Myths of physical training of footballers: “the most important physical quality for footballers is endurance (ability to run a lot and for a long time)»

The goalkeepers can get a high score for the game and with a missed goal, but not with the actions that led to scoring situations and even more so to the goal

The amount of goals currently conceded in high-level football by goalkeepers in “on the counter” situations is about 50% of all goals

Football: stage to 10-11 years. The most favorable age period in the development of the sense of the ball (the accuracy of differentiation of efforts when touching it)

Football: stage 17-18-19 years. Technique: training skills to act quickly and accurately with the ball with maximum power and physical contact

Football: stage 17-18-19 years. Focus of coaching: adaptation of boys in all types of preparedness for the terms “adult” football

Football: the period of 11-16 years. The motto of the construction of work with the ball: today faster and more accurate than yesterday, tomorrow – faster and more accurate than today.

Football: stage 14-15-16 years. Direction of coaching: technique and tactics of episodes of the game in relation to the field of standard sizes

Children’s football: stage 11-12-13 years. Focus of coaching at the stage: technique and tactics of episodes of the game in an age-accessible form

Children’s football: stage 8-9-10 years. The direction of coaching at the stage, based on the motto: “individualism (with the ball) above all»

Children’s football: stage 5-6-7 years. The direction of coaching at the stage, based on the motto: “in the world there is nothing more beautiful than a football»

4 reason for applying “useless” and “junk” exercises goalkeepers: undertake functional modes of endurance training players

Reason 3 the use of “useless” and “junk” exercises goalkeepers: the view that at the class goalies can’t be such exercises

In football, if there are 3 consecutive one-touch passes in a small area of the field and under “pressure”, the 3 pass is usually intercepted/inaccurate

1st reason for applying “useless” and “undesirable” goalie exercises: “inherited” belief in the absolute value of a number of exercises

The direction of the Central vision of the player at the time of hitting the ball should coincide with the point of contact of the striking link with the ball

Natural talent to perform any movement accurately to a high degree inherited (heritability coefficient according to different data 0.6-0.8)

It is believed that the more talented is the one who quickly learns the technique of football, but each person has its own inherited rate of learning.

“Sense of the ball” determine the natural ability to perform precise movements, talent for mastering technology, the level of development of sensory systems

Search build an effective attack in football of the present time – a search for the first effective construction of “positional” attacks

There is reason to believe that football has already entered the phase of development, which is characterized by the search for a predominantly effective attack.

Assessing the usefulness of” coaching “exercises involves identifying players among them “useless” and, in principle, ” undesirable»

Blows with the inner side of the foot are more accurate and therefore they begin training players, and these movements are unnatural for a person.

It is impossible to consider a priori the truth of video information from abroad about the training of players. There are a lot of activists trying to make money on it.

The sequence of initial training techniques is often determined based on perceptions of their importance for “adult” football

Footballers need the speed of starting acceleration, not the frequency of incomprehensible foot movements, which naturally improves to 14-15 years

Options pristupanja feet through the “plates” low barriers, “the staircase” with moderate lifting of the hips – all from the “same Opera”.

One of the most useless exercises that captured Russian football – different versions of leg lifts with different frequency at flat landmarks

If the workout in half the cases, the balls are flying past the gate, so with the same success is training of shots and shots off target

From children’s football: “Coach 10 min explains 5-year-old biomechanics of hitting the ball straight up, parents: how lucky we are with the coach»

Beware. The expanse of youth football ghosts “unrecognized Mourinho” with its “miraculous” methods

From the practice of children’s football in Russia. Incomplete chronology of the coach’s management of his team’s game. …

Many coaches in search of “miraculous” exercises forget that the best exercise in football-different versions of the game of football

In childhood and adolescence, it is important to teach players to send balls into the goal with a low angle of departure relative to the field

In what areas of the penalty area and how best to perform the transfer of the ball with corner kicks …

Interpretation of indicators of physical activity of football players in games …

The name of the crossbar areas the price of 9 points stimulates the production of children for their strikes high to the pitch angle of departure of the ball

Optimal gate sizes for different ages: 7-9 years-4, 5×1, 5 m; 10-12 years-6×2 m; 13 years and older-standard football gates

In DYUSSH on football it is necessary to involve gate with a ratio of their width and height “3 : 1” (football) which on the sizes correspond to opportunities of children

The use of handball gate is connected with the consolidation of players unwanted skills and disruption of the formation of a “sense gates” of the goalies.

Many children’s coaches are still systematically ask the players “cross work” development of the mythical General endurance

In many youth football in the annual plans in the first place the string “physical training”, but youth football is not youth athletics

On average, high-class teams spend more “game episodes” in the opponent’s penalty area per game than low-class teams

The presence of laws of the game of football determines that they should be the “starting point” for the choice of tactics of football players

The least developed in tactics is the key question of building the game teams, namely the choice of effective options for players.

When analyzing the tactics of the game, it is important to establish which actions of the players are fundamental, and which were performed simply by episode

High speed movement of the foot kicking leg at impact can achieved through mechanisms of cracking and strike a sharp movement of the lower leg

In football, strong strikes are made either due to the high speed of the foot of the kicking foot, or by creating a large shock mass

Features of national football. Most exercises are standardized when decisions on how to act are made by the coach, not the players

In Russia 2 school (in Belgorod; Togliatti, with branches in Moscow and Samara), where children from the first steps to systematically stimulate and dribble and dribble

What can reflect the different indicators of technical and tactical actions of players in the games. …

Most often, the actions of players in games are associated with the implementation of at least 2 touches of the ball, and to do them, players must take the ball.

The most frequently performed technical action by players in games is “mastering the ball”.

How to relate to the performance indicators of technical and tactical game actions
players expressed as a percentage …

The volume of goals scored from 11-meter kicks in game time in high-class team games is 6-11% (average 8-9%)

The “contribution” of goals scored during corner kicks in high-class team games varies from 5 to 12% and averages 9-10%

The amount of goals scored from free kicks and free kicks in games of high-class teams varies from 8 to 16% and averages 11-12%

The ratio of goals scored “from the game” and “from standard positions” is a fairly stable characteristic of high-level football

In recent decades, the total number of goals scored from standard positions has ranged from 27 to 36 per cent, with an average of 30 per cent.

Result. har-ka number and quality of movement of players with the ball more than 10 m in the games of the European Championship 2008 …

Distance from 23 to 25 m from the gate – a critical distance shots, where the probability of a goal is actually determined by the actions of the goalkeepers.

When hitting from 23-25 m from the gate, the probability of hitting the ball on target is close to the probability of successful protection of the goalkeepers (about 30%).

With different strikes no further than 25 m from the gate (except for head shots out of the goal area and the penalty spot) about 30% of balls to catch and reflect the goalkeepers

When hitting with 33-35 m probability of hitting the target is not more than 5%. This probability is considered a phenomenon more random than natural

With increasing distance of shots at 1m, the probability of hitting the target in terms of competitive games is reduced by about 3%

Explosive” quality goalkeepers in professional teams …

In modern football, hitting the target, it is in the target, and not in the unprotected part of the gate – a problem even for high-class players.

Most often, the last move (pass and move the ball)before scoring is performed in the attack zone (not further than 35 m from the opponent’s goal line)

Rabiner — the return of Kokorin and Mamaev
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Baker, lawyer, tennis player and former cashier. Who will play for Scotland against Russia
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Football clubs in Denmark
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