Gennady Orlov: "Kokorin can strengthen Zenit, a Friday. And Mamayev will not be suitable for the role of playmaker»
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How to raise John Terry (part 1)
Everything you wanted to know about #destitutes in Russia through the eyes of a parent, but didn't know who to ask. Emotionally, mentally, truthfully. Take, made for you and all…

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How to raise John Terry (part 1)
Everything you wanted to know about #destitutes in Russia through the eyes of a parent, but didn't know who to ask. Emotionally, mentally, truthfully. Take, made for you and all…

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Russian startup Baller is ready to unite all Amateur football on the planet

We all know what sport is the most popular on the planet. And while millions of people are trying to emulate Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the Russian startup offers a solution to help them do this, and at the same time to unite Amateur football internationally. What interesting offers for football people a new service?


English slang word Baller called those who know how to skillfully handle the ball, whether feints, elements of freestyle or just incredible precision strikes. The closest in meaning Russian term – “magician of the ball.”

InFootball Baller, or Baller just a young Moscow startup seeking to make the perfect product for football fans. The project team is preparing a tool that will connect different sides of Amateur football-players, coaches, teams, tournaments, referees and other roles, giving each its value within the service.

And, as the guys themselves say, they aim to conquer the world by linking together the ecosystem of Amateur football in different countries.

– “Professional football is already a powerful lobbying tool used to fight racism, smooth geopolitical conflicts, instill values in young people. Football erases any borders, any differences between people, for 12 years of regular games I was convinced of it. People learn geography through football, find love for life in the face of clubs. It is also a huge media and retail industry. But the pace of professional sports is starting to slow down, and the next step is the evolution of Amateur football. He needs innovation today. And so far we are one of the very few catalysts of this evolution. And it’s not just about a particular startup, but about creating an ecosystem necessary for mass football, in which development will go faster,” says the founder of the project Alexander Belov.

Alpha-version of the service has only recently appeared in Google Play and App Store and is still a small functional marketplace football training, which helps players to reduce the cost of selecting the most important for themselves training parameters, and the profile of each user develops depending on how often and what training he attends, just like in football simulators FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer.

In the application today there are 2 roles:


Has the ability to sort football training at the desired price, complexity, location, start time, duration, and most importantly — in the direction of skills that are practiced in the selected lesson.

Training is divided into General and focused on specific blocks of skills (technique/kick/pass/attack/defense/freestyle). The player can choose what football skills he wants to hone, and thus develop his profile.

Soon the service will have a section “Ratings”, where users will be able to compete in the level of their skills with friends and other users around the world.

Player progress is not possible without training skills. And with the free service Baller you can find how to spend time with maximum benefit for yourself and your Amateur team!


With Baller service, the coach will be able to reach more customers, find the best price for classes, develop their brand and scale their workouts.

He no longer needs to spend time searching for players on third — party resources-customers will see all his offers in one place.

Administrators training is convenient to the entire administrative record on training, statistics on past results, financial accounting.

You can compare your prices with the prices of competitors and thus find the best value for the cost of training.

No longer have to constantly answer questions from new players, how to get to you — they will be able to see the address in the training card and there to see the point on the map.

The service will help trainers and training organizers to earn more, saving time by automating routine tasks. With Baller service, the coach will be able to reach more customers, form an optimal price, develop their brand and scale.

Workouts in the app are divided into General and focused on specific skills. Already now they can be sorted by date and specialization, and later added filters by price, location, start time, complexity and 6 more parameters.

The team project is already in development, the functionality for organizing tournaments, the administration of Amateur teams, involvement of judicial and multimedia support matches. While they are testing hypotheses regarding training and maintaining their own football profile, and will welcome any feedback from the first users of the application. The team consists of specialists from MTS, Qiwi, Rutube, Russian Youth Union.

Alexander Belov (AB) is the founder and Chief Everything Officer, in parallel is the leading head of Federal and international business projects of The Russian Youth Union.

Andrey Glazko (AG) – cofounder, team and product, art Director, beyond the team – the main grocery designer Rutube.

Alexander Belinsky (AB-2) is a back-end developer working in MTS IT division.

Maria milchenko (MM) – expert IOs development, employee “TSC center of expertise”.

Basil Lantratov (VL) – Android-the specialists in the team and on the basic work in Qiwi.

Ekaterina Popova (EP)-account Manager of the project, the main activity – Manager of international projects of the Russian Youth Union.

The guys answered our main question to all beginning startups.

“Why Baller?»

AB: “we see the prospects of the direction, I and many of my friends lack innovation in Amateur football, and since no one is engaged in this, we decided that it is better to do everything ourselves.”

AG: “for me it’s not just a service — it’s finally my own project of the best quality that I can only implement. It is also undeniably a project with a soul and care for the players. I’m doing Baller because I’ve been wanting to create a cool product for a long time that I and all users will be proud of.”

AB-2: “My goal is very simple – I want to improve the world, help all players to develop and achieve results.”

MM: “I initially liked the idea and the team and wanted to do something cool and useful. Friends, enjoy what you do and you will never work in your life.”

VL: “I think our project is very socially significant, important and interesting.”

EP: “Baller for me is an opportunity to develop, a breath of fresh air and an incredible buzz from creating the right and quality product.”

What is the project missing now?

“Our team lacks an experienced mentor who from the top of his experience could take a critical look at our project and authoritatively poke our nose into our mistakes. We understand that it is priceless to fill our bumps strategically, but now our speed is very important, and there is a great desire to pass many moments faster. For the same reason, we are gradually approaching the point where we need investment in faster testing of user engagement hypotheses and faster development. On average, each of us spends about 20 hours a week on the project, and this is certainly not enough.”

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