FC Sevastopol 2-0 FC "Steel". Analysis of flights
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How to raise John Terry (part 2)
COACH For you and your son, this person will determine your life and mood in the house all the time while football occupies your life. Believe me, you will never…

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How to raise John Terry (part 2)

For you and your son, this person will determine your life and mood in the house all the time while football occupies your life. Believe me, you will never admit it, but it is the truth.

Therefore, it is very important where you take your child. Now there are a lot of places where for money your son can “teach to play football”, can teach to “play football”, and can be engaged in it thoughtfully and seriously. And it can be a paid school, which is now a car and a cart and DYUSSH at the club, like my child and ” BIG ” clubs with blue-red-white and, unlike big football, green symbols.

Large schools or schools that charge you money often conduct training with one or two coaches. But if you came to school at the club 2-3 League, it’s not necessary. You will have one coach who will teach you everything he knew or knows. The exception is the goalkeepers. They are taught separately and after a year and a half the difference in such training grows.

So watch carefully how they teach, what they teach and in General how your son feels in training, do not leave him in the first year alone and if possible ask him about the past training and games.

So football will come into your life, you will know more about it than even you would like.

But back to the child. Rather to the man who teaches him, accompanies the game is a few hours with him in the next week and should be respected. The coach who covers the Mat on the field of children, personally for me is not news. Have you seen any?” You’re lucky, buy a lottery ticket. Creek and tips on the field the same as a normal atmosphere at the tournaments for the teams average levels, as calm and professional players for teams like Locomotive, Gangway, CSKA-M.

My son had to play against them and I understand the difference that is sometimes visible in the method of explaining to players 8-9 years of their mistakes coach. You may or may not like it, but your son must like it. My child played in three positions, but at the end of the financial we chose the club that he now represents.

Money is also decide. Don’t believe otherwise…
The following caveat. It’s the quality of the fields that lies beneath your son’s feet. You came to play football and after a year at most, your coach announced the same games on the grass?

If not, find out what you came to play, maybe the name of the section forgot to remove the word “mini”. Your children are “protected” from the weather and clouds over the hall? Look for a new club. Tournament in November under sky and in snow for son was at all one of the first. You play football. And this is an open-air sport. Warmed…

So the fields, of the one and a half or two dozen that I have seen, are rarely of good quality. In Vatutinki, where we played with local commercial section, all may be well. A lot of artificial fields, my son and he plays on this, is the average of those killed and there are stadiums where you can see native Russian land. But I almost do not remember.
Some of the basic mistakes that all parents make, and that I made, are described below. Take a white sheet and write in large letters NEVER!!

Now, under these letters, write the following sentence.

Never buy shoes and football equipment in major sports networks of the country. I Pro you pages and sites, which surround you around. For you, who want to take your child, because someone just leads him “just not sitting at home”, there are a large number of specialized stores with children’s uniforms and clothing. Look for them and your wallet will thank you. Although a dozen balls in my house weaned him from that).

If you are playing for a team that is claimed for the area Championship, your wallet will need to open to purchase game and training uniforms, two pairs of boots, and protection gear. A bruise or a kick to the Shin in children’s football is normal.

To clothes every coach has an individual approach. As a rule, everything is bought on the team and then applied the symbolism of the club. The range of prices, from costumes to official matches price of 100-150 dollars to training shapes from Decathlon.

The second mistake that was, is and will be eating your brain and your child’s nerves. NEVER tell your child how to play!! Never do it and never want to do it, even if you see on the field a complete inability to do something in the current game.

Change your team, coach, sport, finally just shut up and stop driving. But be silent and believe in the coach. Only he understands and knows, that can be from your child later 2-3 year. And believe me, if he cares, he will.

If not, change the coach, the team and leave. It’s painful and disgusting, but you brought a child to football?
Children’s team if we take the first composition by the age of 9 is a 20-22 outfield players and 2 goalkeepers. Among these children, you can conditionally hold a certain division into groups, which in varying degrees football has an impact not only in training, but also outside the playing field. For myself, I conditionally divided all the little players into 3 main groups.

Initial. Football fanatics as it is. In addition to training, where they rush, children try to attract parents to public areas to play football. The child is a minimum set of programs on the smartphone, which includes a program of football statistics, mobile games a La ” FIFA…”, constantly studied TV program for available broadcasts of football. Such children often know more about players and teams than their parents and are able to list the main teams of 4-5 top teams in Europe. Of course, the modern “Soyuzmultfilm” for these children is divided with ordinary cartoons in half with Football YouTube videos.

Second. Children who play football, but only because they like it, including as a game element. They are interested in playing with the ball, like friendly communication in training. Of these children after raising the requirements for the level there is a small dropout, most often due to parents who decide to change the club or the composition, because their child does not meet the level.

Third. It’s the little children that were brought for some reason soccer parents or relatives. Their passion for football outside training is not so great, often based on the motivation of the older generation, the desire of children and adults at some stage converge and the child is engaged in football often instead of with parents.
Football is a great game. When we watch it on TV, from the stands of our home stadium. When we rejoice in the goal scored by his team, welcomes the newcomer to the club (Hi, John George Terry). But football is very cruel and takes all of you, it is worth you at least once to cross the locker room to go out on the field, holding the hand of your son or to see him off on the bus, taking him to the next match of the championship. Remember this, but if your child at least once pulls you on the field, “play ball” – go immediately!

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