Stanislav Cherchesov: "are we criticized? We consider this a discussion»
— I am pleased that after conceding the ball, we immediately began to play as we originally planned, - said Cherchesov at a press conference. — But we started too…

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nuubu bewertung
"Krymteplitsa "(Youth) – "Sevastopol". Review
On the fourth day FC Sevastopol scored four goals and a beautiful convincing victory. For a long time the fans of the Sevastopol team waited for this victory. For the…

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Unnecessary football
Poltava football fans are unique. They do not go to the matches of "Vorskla" in the Ukrainian championship, completely ignored the team's rather successful European Cup season. But as soon…

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What the German football Association is doing for the development of Amateur football? (part 2)

Games Congress Amateur football 2012 born strategy for the future development of grassroots football. Her goal is to DFB, the national Association of County and effectively supports the clubs through targeted cooperation, strengthen a unique, global network of Amateur football available football clubs with offers.

“The source of strength of German football is grassroots, Amateur football, where clubs at the district and district level make up 95% of the total number of football clubs in Germany. We want to support and protect this resource, ” says DFB President Reinhard Grindel.

Following the DFB Congress in 2013, the German football Union, state associations and districts created a single and mandatory catalogue of measures (master plan). At its core, this is a plan for the development of Amateur football, which consists of three areas: “development of gaming activities”, “Communication” and “management of the club.”

In the first few years, there were, among other things, more than 1,000 club dialogues and about 10,000 club visits in the DFB-Mobils system. For Amateur clubs and their employees was conducted nearly 5000 training Express courses in football and 2000 short courses in the field of football management, and in the schools were trained about 15 000 DFB youth coaches.

We have expanded opportunities for gaming activities in Junior and youth football. Futsal (mini-football), as an official version of indoor football in accordance with FIFA rules, has been firmly integrated into the pyramid of associations and club structures.

In addition, the nationwide fair play concept came into effect with the introduction of the fair Play League project in the youngest age groups.

The master plan was extended to 2019 after the first three years of implementation. The focus is on direct assistance to clubs and their employees through information, qualification and Advisory services.

At the 3rd Amateur football Congress in Kassel from 22 to 24 February 2019, further measures will be developed and initiated within the framework of a new direct exchange between representatives of DFB, regional and state associations, football teams and Amateur clubs.

Representatives of seven regional associations will have the opportunity to hold online conferences with the participants of the event, and representatives of more than 150 Amateur clubs will become direct participants of the Congress.

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