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Press attache Of the Academy of football club ” Dynamo “(Moscow) – about his work

Natalia Kholodova, the soul of the Dynamo Academy, shared her thoughts about her favorite work in the popular format of the thread: 1 like – 1 fact. It turned out interesting:) so:

1. Many misleading my title is “press officer” who is the General? Usually, it is a person who forms the image of the organization. In fact, the range of duties goes beyond certain limits, at least for me.

2. Due to the fact that the press services develop their content, you should always be in the trend. This implies constant self-education at any free time and instant application of the acquired knowledge in practice.

3. Irregular schedule. But most of the work is on weekends. While normal people are resting, I get up at 6-7 am and go to the matches.

The Academy has 8 ages playing in the championship. The first matches usually start at 10 am, the last-at 17: 30. Again, it all depends on the schedule. There are days when you finish even around 9 PM.

After that, you go home and sit down to give results and process photos. Sometimes relatives find me at work in 2-3 nights. It’s not hood. Sometimes, I give a slack and still go to sleep-health is more important than the deadline.

4. Know all children on names-surnames, numbers and even boots. That’s about 200 people. It’s kind of memorable.

5. Business trips are rarely sent. Basically, of course, to Serbia for tournaments-it’s once a year. An interpreter is added to all the above duties.

6. For more than five years work in the #Academedia. Not yet tired:) Come to work on the holiday. It’s true.

7. Called twice the other club go for the best conditions. Refused. It is not acceptable for me. Moreover, the combination of these colors is considered the most ugly.

8. Least favorite time of year is winter. Since we don’t have a playpen, most matches are played outside. Such a pleasure in -15 to watch football in the snow.

9. A little about the nervous system. Absolutely worried for all the teams. I swear away from the children and in Serbian.

10. The last time after the game burst into tears in the year before last, when 2001 in 1/4 Championship of Russia lost to “Zenit”. Something hit me then.

11. Of course, it is necessary to say about the brand. Dynamo is a certain responsibility, a brand; a legendary club honoring its traditions and one of the strongest academies in Russia.

Do everything anyhow does not allow conscience. My task is to represent Dynamo Academy in the best light.

Although, many top clubs neglect, for example, SOC.networks of their football schools. See how some colleagues at the place of their leaders have long marched in to the neck.

We have the same “at random” does not pass.

12. At the moment, I have one operator under my command. Do you know how difficult it is to find a worthy candidate for this position?

In recent years, this has been my main problem. Now, thank God, I have an excellent assistant.

13. Certainly, many think (as the last statement) that if you have a head girl, it is possible to send, to neglect tasks and in principle not to put.

It didn’t work with me. If I see, that man spat on work and “Dynamo”, he it turns out for “Board.”

14. I sincerely believe that if you work in one club, then with any other you should not have anything to do. Maximum-friendship with colleagues after hours.

I hate people who “our and yours for a penny will dance”.

15. With a lot of girls working in other clubs communicate well. One even my best friend.

But during games I go somewhere far away or we just sit and are silent near.

16. A little fact: in Serbian clubs in the top division, the press attache of girls almost everywhere. Apparently, to attract an audience 🙂

17. Some go to work in football to find a husband. It’s a shame, of course. I just brought the love of football.

18. Most journalists have no special education. Including me: on the first – the teacher-psychologist, on the second-the financial Manager. The first is very helpful in working with children.

19. A little about the team. He’s probably the coolest. Of course, sometimes there are difficulties, but where without them. For example, there are coaches who do not really like to comment on matches – you have to run after them first, then record interviews from the 10th take.

20. I will dispel the stereotype that all players are not very smart. Our coaching staff consists entirely of well-read people engaged in self-education. Children, looking at them, also pull up their studies, some even go to the red certificate.

21. The most pleasant thing is to do an interview with the Director. For each question gives a detailed answer, no need to ask anything further. Always humorous. Just an interviewer’s dream.

22. Most of all I do not like to decipher from the recorder those interviews. Small or big, it doesn’t matter. I just need to get my nerve together every time.

23. By the end of the season you start to hate football in any of its manifestations. Just imagine how many matches I watch per year, given the number of ages in the Academy and tournaments.

But it takes me a week to get away and miss work.

24. In fact, I do not have such a vacation. It’s just on paper. I work always and everywhere, even if everyone is on vacation. It plunges into shock of all my friends.

Something must be drawn, some news to write, so that the site is not idle with the social.networks.

25. In recent time focus precisely on the social network. This is the most efficient engine of the brand. At the same time do not use cheat bots, as do other colleagues.

26. I think Instagram is The most effective tool. If you make it pleasant to the eye, it will serve as a good help in PR Academy.

Aesthetics is everything.

27. Football is not only results, numbers, goals scored, but also the correct visualization. If it touches the person, he subscribes to the account.

I try to improve this aspect, while there are not enough certain skills to bring it to the ideal.

28. Absolutely all the graphics that you see for our tournaments, I draw myself. To create it, you need to draw inspiration from everywhere.

Sometimes I can blunt the computer for two hours and nothing to draw. Just no ideas.

29. Now we will try to develop a YouTube channel. Will have to become more creative producer.

30. I think it’s better to do everything yourself than to trust anyone with your work. I like to control the process, I hate when idle.

Dad says he wouldn’t want to work under me.:)

31. The only thing that frustrates in the work-the lack of free time. I can’t I’m on his “wishlist” and take a break to Belgrade at any time…

32. To thoroughly understand football, I went to the refereeing courses. I have III category, but so no game is not sued. Most importantly – the knowledge received.

It remains to get a coaching license:) But I do not plan.

33. Nowhere was awarded a special further education. All by myself. Apparently, this is from nature – to photograph and write. Predisposition to the creative process.

34. Thanks to home – children’s smiles. That’s all you need. For them and is worth all to do and not sleep at night.

35. Was moved at the sight of little boots. The sweetest sight – it’s kids born in 2012, scoring their first, though ridiculous, balls. Pants full of joy:)

36. The class issue is #Динамо1999. Grulev, Latsevich, the khandoshkin my gang:)

Just one to love. It seems there will be no more such individuals.

37. To the song “Natalie, quench my sorrows” in the coach for 5 years already used. I hear it almost every day.

38. By the way, I am the only girl working directly with the football component. There are also office employees and educators.

Perhaps someone will say that I was lucky. Well, maybe.

39. Separate “song” – equipment. Or rather, when you walk down the street in it. At first it was unusual to have everyone staring at you, then somehow gave up on it.

40. I always say that girls have nothing to do in football, if you have shaky nerves and delicate mental organization. Men people hard, stand on ceremony with nurses will not.

41. You always have to be ready to be besieged. Separate theme – jokes. No, not like that. Football jokes. And this is tougher than any vulgar joke.

42. I can say that friendship between a guy and a girl is possible. Among the coaches are the guys that can actually call friends.

Perhaps my colleagues from other Academies work in a different way. But I do not regret that I have everything exactly as I described above. The main thing is to do what you love, and everything else is just “production costs”.

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