Russia overran Scotland as a dwarf
The Russian team against strong named Scotland showed excellent organization of the game. British hopes were based on the transformation of the team after the arrival of eminent coach Steve…

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Nikolay Pisarev: "Inflated salaries in our football are not a consequence of the limit»
"Chertanovo" — our Bilbao — As a former sports Director of the RFU and ex-coach of the youth national team of Russia can you formulate the main problems of youth…

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Russian startup Baller is ready to unite all Amateur football on the planet
We all know what sport is the most popular on the planet. And while millions of people are trying to emulate Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the Russian startup offers…

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Football: the link of times

Football has its history since the 12th century, and the birthplace of the sport is England. In the 12th century soccer played on the streets and squares, and the number of teams was sometimes more than 100 people. At that time it was football without rules – it was possible to play and hands, and feet, it was possible to shoot down the player. As a result, there were mass carnage and fights.
All this could not go unnoticed by the authorities, they considered the game dangerous (not only physically, but also ideologically – under the guise of playing football began to gather often dissatisfied), so football tried to ban. And so it finally succeeded king Edward II in 1313, and those who still wanted to play threatened with fines, and later even the death penalty. Continue reading

“Sevastopol” – “Neftyanik-Ukrneft»

Started the 22nd championship of Ukraine! The match in Sevastopol was a kind of sensational. CDC FFU decided to deprive this game of the main participant-the audience. The match ended, and it became clear that you can not act like this! Due to the lack of fans in the stands, no one could win. Neither the home team, who lost the support of fans, nor the guests, who lost the opportunity to play in the atmosphere of a football holiday, nor the image of football itself.

On July 14, 2012 FC Sevastopol played without spectators at home for the first time in its history, serving disqualification for the previous season. Continue reading

“Krymteplitsa “(Youth) – “Sevastopol”. Review

On the fourth day FC Sevastopol scored four goals and a beautiful convincing victory. For a long time the fans of the Sevastopol team waited for this victory. For the first time, the hothouses were beaten with such a large score. Oleg Kononov’s team won its first, but such a convincing victory.

Hundreds of Sevastopol residents came to support the team on the road. And we must pay tribute to them: with their unwavering support, the players played as if at their stadium, achieving a well-deserved victory.

“Sevastopol” began without delay. Players wishing to rehabilitate for not very successful start of the championship, rushed forward, taking the initiative and fully controlling the ball. Continue reading

Play football together with
Functionality that is available to teams: Search rivals Teams can create ads to find opponents or find and challenge teams themselves. Notifications Mailing about events via Email and SMS. Create…


Football clubs in Denmark
The story of a young man living in Denmark about how Amateur football sections are arranged in this country. Frankly, there are shocking moments. Amateur players from Russia to preserve…


Case Kokorin and Mamaev. All episode
Episode 1. 10th anniversary of friendship On October 7 in St. Petersburg, Zenit beat Krasnodar 2-1 in the match of the 10th round of the Russian championship. Forward of the…